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2020 PIVOT

“Embracing our calling.” This is a hot topic, especially in the world we live in today. Many of us are having to pivot. To start something new, reinvent ourselves or invent something awesome, change careers, change cities, practice old gifts or learn new ones.

For me, this time of working from home, (let’s call it that instead of what it really is) has helped me to spend more time than ever with my family. To shift my goals and refocus my business.

I have been able to embrace my career as a REALTOR® like never before. Refining my skills, stepping up my marketing, clarifying my message.

I’ve also been able to embrace my calling and I have found new passions. I play my guitar often. I study theology every night. And I have been writing a fun fantasy novel.

So yes, this year has been scary. It’s been weird. And I didn’t expect any part of it. But I will look back and see what came of the year of pausing, shifting and refocusing.

2020 - you are not over yet, and I still have plans for you.

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