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Five Things No Ones Tells You About Creating A Brand

Part of the beauty of being creative is you will have a lot of fun creating a brand. But here are some things to be aware of when you take on this huge undertaking.

1. In your mind, you feel like you know exactly what your brand offers and why your customer knows your brand. It's so hard to translate to your marketing. When you create a strong story for your brand and implement in all your communication, your ideal customer will find you.

2. Your communication must always be about your customer. Everyone time you talk about yourself, turn it around and make it a benefit to the customer.

3. Understand the problems your customers face. Dig deep. Write down the problem you feel your product solves. Then identify the deeper internal problem that is created because of this problem.

4. Make sure you're consistent. The look and feel of your logo, your website, social media and photography should all feel like your brand. Make sure that no matter where your customer finds you, that they get to know you and why they need your brand.

5. Always give you value. Content is king. It should always speak to how it is valuable to the customer. Information that teaches in a fun way, is a great approach to marketing.

There is so much more to say on this topic. But this will get you off to a great start.

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