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Grow Your Community

A strong community is crucial to growing a great brand. Surround yourself with people that will uplift you.

Talented People

You might have a hard time recognizing your own talent. This is because your talent is your normalcy. What goes on in your head sometimes is not translated the way you want. You need to insulate yourself with honest friends. People whom you trust to give you valuable feedback.


If you have a podcast, use it to build your community. You can set up social communities, gain followers and create valuable relationships and connections.

Here’s some ways to build your community:

  1. Attend one networking event a week with the intention on meeting people you want to follow or connect with.

  2. Find people on social media who might be an ideal customer. Follow them. Message them a compliment about their content and tell them you would like to connect.

  3. Every time you meet someone you want to connect with, follow their content and message them thru social media.

  4. Set up one face to face appointment a week with a new connection.

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